codename: Kerala

During October-November 2015, about twenty people from Kerala (South India), took an experimental course designed to improve their fab academy experience. This is the story, as it happened.
Welcome to Kerala Pre Academy documentation site.

About Pre Academy

The Pre Academy is a short crash course designed to fill gaps in Fab Academy and aimed to prepare students to succeed and improve their experience during Fab Academy. Topics covered include repository management, project documentation, lab preparation, electronics and programming, design and many more. Student and Instructor work is being documented so that other labs around the world can implement the program too.


Class of Kerala 2015

The first class of Pre Academy was tutored by Luciano Betoldi and Francisco Sanchez during October and November 2015. The course was taught in the state of Kerala, South India. There were 8 participants in Kochi and 14 in Thiruvananthapuram (try to say that while eating popcorn), aka Trivandrum.


The Fantastic Class


Curriculum for Week 1
Curriculum for Week 2
Curriculum for Week 3
Curriculum for Week 4

Participants in Trivandrum

Akshai M.
Vishnu Easwaran E
Sarath SM
Vinod Kumar B G
Abhilash S T
Varun G
Puneeth Raj
Sunil P Nair
Muhammed Jaseel P
Nadeem Ahmed
Mohammed Rashid Thattayilhai M.
Michael Mathews
Nisha Elsa Johnson
Ganesh Gopal

Participants in Kochi

Arvind Sanjeev
Sibu Saman
Yadu Sharon
Arsheena E.P.
Praveen Sridhar
Dintis Thomas
Daniel Jeevan
Athif K.